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About Us


The BEF operates on a dual model of paid membership and volunteer exchange. Members can choose to pay for a membership which grants access to exclusive benefits, such as joining specialized clubs and participating in advanced courses. The BEF also offers courses on a fee-based and sponsorship model, providing opportunities for professionals to continue their education and training. Additionally, the BEF hosts conferences and events, with ticket fees and sponsorship opportunities available for corporate partners such as CROs, lawyers, accountants, IP experts, and multinational companies. The BEF also offers a range of other services to its members, such as networking and professional development opportunities.

Our Strengths


What sets us apart? 

The BEF has several strengths that set it apart from other organizations in the biomedical ecosystem. We have: 

  1. Connections - The BEF offers both local and international connections to its members, providing them with a diverse network of professionals to collaborate and learn from.

  2. Amuta - The BEF is registered as an Amuta in Israel, This allows it to have tax-exempt status and other benefits.

  3. Brand recognition and reputation - The BEF has a strong brand and reputation in the biomedical industry, which helps to attract members and partners.

  4. Potential for strong management committee - The BEF is led by a dedicated and experienced management committee, which has the potential to drive the organization forward and achieve its goals.

  5. Experience and expertise - The BEF's team and members have a wealth of experience and expertise in various organizations of the biomedical ecosystem which allows for a deep understanding of the industry and the ability to provide valuable services to its members.

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